Program overview

Plumbing Service Protocol is a 100-hour course covering every aspect of residential plumbing. Though it may take years to truly master the trade of plumbing, our course lays a complete foundation of the fundamentals that will give a newcomer to the trade all the advantages he needs to quickly build his skills up from a solid base. Each lesson covers the basics and also contains advanced information and experience that will benefit even a seasoned technician. The Total Tech process of hearing theory, seeing demonstrations and then applying those lessons in the laboratory exercise builds competence and confidence into each technician we train in the shortest time possible. The culmination of hundreds of years of collective experience working in the field is distilled into this powerful 100-hour course.

Total Tech’s goal is to see people’s lives changed by the training we offer. Students will leave with a textbook, access to on-line resources, and a binder full of auxiliary handouts to help them continue to learn and grow. The majority of the class is spent with the students doing work themselves in the lab, which is where the process really comes together. People learn best by putting their hands on. The most unique part of our process is, without a doubt, the one of a kind plumbing lab that includes 8 fully functional whole house training stations, dozens of water heaters, and hundreds of feet of underground piping, which makes this an unrivaled environment for a new technician to lay his hands on nearly any aspect of a system he might encounter in residential plumbing.

Combined with small class sizes and passionate instructors- the process of hearing it, seeing it and doing it is a recipe for success… YOUR success!