Program overview

The Electrical Service Protocol course has a mission is to provide the training necessary for both the novice and seasoned electrician to be successful. In the 100-hour Electrical Service Protocol course the student begins by grasping electrical theories and codes presented in the classroom with a combination of lectures and state of the art 3-D simulators. In conjunction with the classroom lessons the lab exercises reinforce the content presented in the classroom. Total Tech’s lab gives the student the most realistic field experience by allowing them to completely calculate electrical loads.  Students learn to run wire and set boxes, switches, and panels in our individual training stations, then move to our whole-house training unit for troubleshooting and repair. The lab also includes a high voltage terminating station, a low voltage terminating station, an emt and a pvc pipe bending station. The trainers have overhead and underground service entrances, plus a fully functional generator installation station, and an automated troubleshooting station.

After completing the course, the student has a comprehensive knowledge of the “need to know theory” and the hands-on experience to begin a career in residential electrical installation and service. The experienced electrician will have the opportunity to fill in their knowledge gaps, which make them more efficient and successful.  Total Tech’s training method changes the status-quo in technical education and gives the student the mental tools to begin or advance their career.