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On-Site - Plumbing Service Protocol

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**IMPORTANT - Registration must be made under student attending. If you are not the student, please contact Total Tech for Registration**

The Plumbing Service Protocol course is designed to educate students on the fundamentals of residential plumbing, including the importance of plumbing as a critical health and safety concern for society and the opportunity, demand, and potential in the plumbing industry. Let’s face it, in society we could not endure life without plumbing. Not only is it a modern convenience, but it bars disease that otherwise would run rampant, therefore making it an essential part of modern civilization. In the Plumbing course, the student learns the trade via 24 different service calls, therefore they are gaining real-world experience in a lab setting. The Total Tech Plumbing laboratory allows the student to put to use ALL of the theory that has been learned in the classroom, therefore reinforcing via hands-on. Total Tech’s Plumbing lab includes 8 fully functioning “studio apartments” for students to gain the hands-on experience. A student learning a trade must have the opportunity to do the work for it to really sink in, and that is what Total Tech provides. The student will learn installation, along with troubleshooting and repair of plumbing components and systems.

The Plumbing Service Protocol course covers:

  • Intro to the Plumbing Trade.
  • Water service materials and diagnostics/repair.
  • Hydrants and Special Valves types and diagnostics/repair.
  • Water distribution materials and diagnostics/repair.
  • Water quality (what Is It, why Is It Important, how to manage).
  • Water heater diagnostics/repair/Installation (electric and gas).
  • Faucet diagnostics/repair/installation (kitchen, lavatory, tub/shower).
  • Toilet diagnostics/repair/Installation.
  • Tub/shower, kitchen, lavatory drain assemblies diagnostics/repair/Installation.
  • DWV diagnostics/repair/Installation.
  • Drain Cleaning.

Upon completion of the Plumbing Service Protocol Training Program the students will have learned the following:

  • Safety on the job, cutting various materials, working with piping and tubing.
  • How to properly put together various piping and tubing materials.
  • Installation, diagnosis, and repair of various valves and devices.
  • How to properly size and install water lines according to various requirements.
  • Proper operation and workings of hot water heaters, including diagnosis and repair (gas and electric).
  • Installation, assembly, removal, and reinstallation of toilets.
  • Installation, diagnosis, and repair of various types of lavatory, kitchen, and tub/shower faucets.
  • Installation, diagnosis, and repair of various items for the minor DWV system (tub/shower drains, kitchen sink drain assemblies, lavatory drain assemblies).
  • Installation, diagnosis, and repair of the main DWV system.
  • How to diagnose and clean plumbing drains utilizing cable machines and sewer cameras.