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On-Site - HVAC Analysis I

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HVAC Analysis I Technician Training is a fifty hour (50) course designed to give the student a blend of applied theory and hands-on experience, with approximately 20% of time spent in the classroom and 80% of time spent in the lab. Total Tech offers the student the best of both worlds within one training session. Each day the students will not only be taught applied theory in the classroom but also experience the theory in the lab.  Total Tech's state-of-the-art training lab consists of nine different units which include R410-A, R22, Heat Pumps, Split Systems, Package Units and Gas Furnaces.   Our experience has proven that hands-on is the most effective way that a person learns. We also have some of the most current equipment on the market, set up with problems put into them........we can simulate many electrical problems, along with bad compressors and stopped up evaporator coils. Total Tech’s unique “environmental chamber” allows temperature control around each individual unit........this allows students to see unit operation, and work on units under real world scenarios.   Total Tech accepts a maximum of 16 students per class...this allows great student to teacher ratio and a great hands-on experience.

This class teaches about the basic refrigeration circuit (evaporator, compressor, condenser, and metering device) and analyzes the purpose of each component.  It also teaches the about the five indicators (head pressure, suction pressure, superheat, sub-cooling and delta T) and teaches the student how to tell if the indicator is high, low or normal.  It will also teach the student how to do silver brazing, refrigerant recovery and proper evacuation techniques.  EPA Certification is included in the cost of this course.  Upon completion of the class the student will receive a Certificate of Achievement (overall score must be 70% or greater).  We like to make sure students understand that both the HVAC Analysis I and the HVAC Analysis II courses will need to be taken to be prepared for employment as a "Service Technician"......after the HVAC Analysis I class the student will qualify for a "Apprentice" position.

Don Miller, Founder and Institutional Director, has been in the air conditioning field for 37 years and has developed specific processes for technicians to use that are not taught elsewhere.  Don developed many of the procedures through several hundred hours of research, and trial and error.  If a technician will follow the steps and procedures they are taught at Total Tech, they can confidently diagnose most anything that is run into in the field.  Total Tech’s program has been developed to give students the necessary information they will need to immediately go to work after completion, and they will be armed with the proper skills to have confidence on the job.

Total Tech focuses on the information that a Service Technician will need to work in the field.......students at Total Tech are taught only the “theory” that is applicable to a Service Technician.......this is what enables us to keep our program so condensed.  If a student is looking to be a Mechanical Engineer, then they will need to go through a 12-18-24 month course with another technical school or college to obtain the necessary theory, but if the focus is on becoming a Service Technician with a  desire to work in the HVAC field, then our program is a perfect fit........although, even if a student is interested more in the Engineering side of things, learning system operation would be very beneficial to them as well.