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On-Site - Electrical Service Protocol

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**IMPORTANT - Registration must be made under student attending. If you are not the student, please contact Total Tech for Registration**

The Electrical Service Protocol course educates the student on electrical theory and residential applications. Let’s face it…….electricity can be very complex. If taught in the proper manner, the complexity can be removed and the light can be shined! The student learns the Electrical trade via several different service calls, therefore they are gaining real-world experience in a lab setting. The Total Tech Electrical laboratory allows the student to put to use ALL of the theory that has been learned in the classroom, therefore reinforcing via hands-on. Students will learn safety procedures, electrical basics, and the tools of the trade. It is through Total Tech’s full house Electrical training unit, along with the individual wiring training units, where students gain the knowledge required to begin their new career in the Electrical trade. The student will learn installation, along with troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems.

The Electrical Service Protocol course covers:

  • Introduction to Electrical Theory
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Residential Wiring: General Application
  • Lighting
  • Residential Wiring: Specialized Circuits
  • Devices and Generators
  • Troubleshooting Residential Electric Systems

Upon completion of the Electrical Service Protocol Training Program the technicians will have learned the following:
  • Science of electricity, coverage of various measuring services, meters and measuring devices, how to identify wires and their application, circuits and voltage.
  • Safety on the job, electrical codes, working with city, county, and state code employees, the inspection process.
  • Learn wiring methods and layouts, electrical devices, various lighting applications such as switch types, placement, and wiring, learn process of residential service from installation to activation.
  • Learn kitchen and bath wiring methods, various light fixture types, design and layout of kitchen and bath circuits, including conductor sizing for appliances, kitchen and bath wiring.
  • HVAC circuit rough-in, disconnects, pools, spas, hot tubs, indoor baths, low voltage systems, security and fire alarms, grounding, pipe bending.
  • Light fixture hanging and mounting, transfer switches, generator operation and back-up power.
  • Learn to troubleshoot various malfunctions and properly repair in training modules.